World Biomedical Frontiers, LLC – founded in 2012 and located in New York, USA – is a publisher that serves and supports the biomedical research community, through publishing cutting-edge and insightful science, and making new progress and knowledge in science freely accessible around the world.


World Biomedical Frontiers (WBF) now supports the publishing of a newly launched, open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal Cancer Research Frontiers (ISSN 2328-5249). World Biomedical Frontiers embraces new technology, focusing on improving the readers’ experience and the increasing demands of the scientific community. WBF will provide new biomedical information for the scientific and medical communities and the wider scientifically interested general public as follows:


1 To improve the publishing process

As a global publisher, we will focus on improving the integrity, user experience and speed of the publishing process.

1)We promote best practice in publication ethics, specifically with regard to authorship, dual submission, plagiarism, figure manipulation, competing interests, and compliance with standards of research ethics. We vigorously investigate allegations of publication misconduct, both before and after publication.

2)We will build new researcher-centric solutions that adds the most value to the community.

3)the submission system we launched aims at providing a quicker and simpler experience for authors, which has been shown to significantly reduce submission times.


2 To better serve the science communications

By introducing new technology, we will connect people with the most relevant information, and find new ways to personalize content, bring science to broader audiences, and enable the sharing of open access content.


3 open access commitment

we see the rise of open access research as one of the major forces reshaping the way that researchers communicate and collaborate. We will continue to enable the research community to take full advantage of all that open research offers.

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